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Highster Mobile is a mobile spying and monitoring program that allows its users secretly monitor their kinds, employees and spouses in case they have some issues to solve. The app can run both on Android and Apple devices so you can install the described software on any smartphone as well as tablet. The app Hyster mobile can perform numerous features starting from stealing of the logging information as ending with defining the GPS location of the target person. The installation process of the highstermobile. The majority of the spying services ask for a payment every month.

The user can lose the access to the software if he misses the payment time. But you will never be in such situation with highster mobile app. Sound very convenient.

The Features You'll Love

In the following highster mobile Review you will find out what features the described application has and how to use them. At first we can find out the way the software works. After the payment is done the user is provided with a detailed guide how to install the program onto the target device. The installation process is easy itself, but in case you face some difficulties, the customer support is always available for consultations.

The software is secret one so the real owner cannot detect it after installation. You will be the only one who will know the fact that highster mobile spy is on board and monitor the in-phone activity all the time. That is how you connect with the target phone for your monitoring purposes. The main feature of such applications is the performance of all the actions the person does on the target phone. If you have the mentioned interests, study the following software features.

All the information the app gets from the target phone will be downloaded and stored in your account storage in your own disposal and with all-time access. The software was developed for using on both iOS as well as Android devices. The highster mobile Reviews say that the app supported by the following software versions:. Apple iOS 6 — Once purchased, you will receive an email with your login information and instructions. In this email, you will find a link to the Installation Dashboard, which will guide you through the installation process. Log in details for your online account control panel will also be in this email, which is where you would view activity logs.

Please note that you will need to have the monitored phone in your hand to install the app. This is the only time you will need physical access to the phone. Download the spy app, and install it on the phone.

System Requirements and Installation

Highster Mobile is the leading cell phone spy software for a cell phone or any mobile device. Cell Phone Spy and Tracking Software | Highster Mobile Logo. Highster mobile gets all information on the target phone and displays it in a Cell Phone Spy and Tracking Software | Highster Mobile Logo.

Step 2: Now launch the app, enter their phone number, and activate it using your License Key. Tap Submit.

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Tap OK. The app will be automatically hidden from the phone. It really is that simple. This is the easiest-to-use Android spy app on the market today. Once you complete the steps above, you can login to your account from any computer to remotely view logs. I have tested this app on both my iPhone 6 Plus it is jailbroken and running iOS 8. It works with both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. You will need to have physical access to the target device at least once, to install the spy app.

After that, you can spy on the phone remotely via your online account, without having to touch it again. On the phone I used for testing, it took about five minutes. Installation is simple and straightforward. Once installed, the app runs silently in the background, with no visible sign of its presence. As long as your target phone is connected to the internet via cellular data or Wi-Fi, then the phone activity will appear immediately in your account.

Cell phone spy software has become a popular way for parents to keep tabs on what their children are up to, or for employers to keep tabs on their employees. It basically tracks all of the actions the person performs on the device being spied on. Here is a list of the features you get with this software:.

Lifetime Upgrades

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. You can get call logs, text time date logs not read messages , type data user from your carrier web page. Note : To install the app, you will need to have physical access to the target phone for minutes. Our Sponsers. This had my wife and I a bit worried because we have always been so very careful to keep them close to us so that we could always keep a watchful eye on them and make sure they were always safe. If you need to know what's installed on the device - TopSpy is here to help you. You need to uninstall the program fully then reinstall.

Live Control Panel. Highster Mobile is known for having an extremely user-friendly control panel.

Highster Mobile The Best Cell Phone Tracking System - Highster Mobile Testimonial

This control panel allows you to monitor the target phone, create time triggers, tweak display options, and more in real-time and from one central location. Text message monitoring. It goes without saying that text messaging has become the most popular form of communication for the general population.

Hyster mobile cell phone tracking

With this app, you can easily monitor their text messaging activity, including incoming and outgoing text messages, contact information for texts, photo messages, and more. Phone call monitoring. Monitor both incoming and outgoing phone calls. Each call will come with contact names, phone numbers, and the date and time of the call.

GPS Location Tracking. Track the exact location of the target phone via state-of-the-art GPS-location technology. Stealth Camera. Browser History.

Newest Features

View all past websites that were visited on the phone, along with all saved bookmarks. All the pictures that are taken from their phone are uploaded to the control panel for you to see.

These pictures have other information as well, such as the time and date on which they were taken. The contacts feature uploads all the contacts from their phone on to the control panel.